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Whether you love or hate ironing it is important to have the right equipment. Take time to think about your requirements.


Choosing an Ironing Board:


There are many different boards available, freestanding, built-in, drawer and table top.


Where do you iron, how much room do you have, are you ironing sheets or clothing for tall people, what size board is easier for you to handle and do you have sufficient storage?


Freestanding boards come in a range of sizes in lengths and widths from 95cm x 30cm up to 140cm x 48cm.


Built-in boards or ironing centres also come a range of sizes mostly in lengths and widths of 100cm x 30cm up to 125cm x 36cm.


Drawer boards are usually 95cm x 30cm but there some wider ones available.


Table top boards are usually 80cm x 30cm.


Look for:  good quality, sturdy legs, feet and frame; a solid and well vented surface, practical iron holder and easy fold away system and wheels.


Pitfalls: bouncy and thin surface, unsturdy legs, no iron rest and in the case of some iron centres insufficient room for a proper ironing cover.

Choosing an Iron:

Conventional and steam centre irons work well with our covers so it comes down to weight, size and steam preference.


Look for: good quality, long cord, easy water filling station, heat settings and sensible design.


Pitfalls: short cord, awkward water filling station and knobs and buttons that are badly placed.


Choosing your Ironing Board Cover:

We have been making our beautiful, good quality, best fitting covers for nearly 30 years so of course we recommend our own product. We have 2 styles, our legendary reversible padded cover designed by Suzie in 1983 and our padded cover which we have recently added to our range so we hope we've got you all covered.



To choose which ironing board cover is best for you, measure your ironing board along the top from end to end, and decide if you'd prefer a cover which has fabric on both sides of the padding (reversible) or just on the top of the padding (single sided).


Reversible covers extend the life of your cover, as you can simply turn them over if they become discoloured from water marks from your iron.


Look for: correct length, your style and colour

Pitfalls: wrong size (please contact us)



Have your board set at the right height and set heat levels to suit your fabric. I use a water spray container ($2).

Turn up the music or TV, make yourself comfortable and if you're like me, set off for the the long haul.



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