Our Covers

​All Suzie Hope Designs ironing board covers are made using only the best quality Australian and imported cotton furnishing fabric and a polyester padding that is exclusively made for our covers.​ 



​​The fabrics are attractive, modern and durable. The padding and the elastic have changed over the years and the range of ironing board sizes and designs have also changed to suit today's lifestyles and interior design.


We have two different styles to choose from, the original reversible padded and now the single padded ironing board cover.


The covers are joined at the outer seam and then threaded with elastic cording through that seam. This is then measured and tied, so all you need to do is put the cover on your board and you're ready to iron.


We know that once you've ironed on one of our covers you won't want to iron on anything else.

Suzie Hope Designs also has a number of ironing accessories - great to take with you when you are travelling.


All covers are washable and we provide washing and fitting instructions. Our covers have a great reputation for durability. On average they last 3 to 5 years, but we have had many customers whose covers have lasted well over 10 years and in today's throwaway world it is nice to know that you are investing in a quality, locally made product.

Suzie Hope Designs Ironing Board Cover
Suzie Hope Designs Ironing Board Cover

PLEASE NOTE: Covers for Drawer Boards are designed for the Drawer Boards only. You'll find them in the reversible padded cover section only.


​We also offer ironing press covers and a reversible and padded ironing mat which is 50 x 60cm


​​We specialise in making the best quality ironing board covers for all shapes and sizes of ironing boards.  These will commonly fall within our seven different size categories.

To determine the right size cover for your ironing board, measure from the base of the ironing board to the tip. (Width is not an issue with our ironing board covers' unique design and fit.)


If you have any fitting or sizing concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All Suzie Hope Designs covers are cut to allow generous undertuck regardless of width. Covers can be tight to get on your board as we measure each cover and pretie the elastic but, once on, they won't move.  We do, however, leave plenty of spare elastic should you need to adjust, and it is easy to tighten should the elastic stretch over time.